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Deposit & Withdrawal info

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Be sure to enter your full real name in the 'Real Name' field (first and last) and your PayPal and Venmo account info in the last field.
Check that these are correct, as they are used to verify accounts for deposits and withdrawals.

Deposits are done through PayPal (any amount $500 and over) & Venmo (any amount $499 and under) accounts below, be sure to select friends & family not goods or services and you must include your screen name in the notes. Any deposit fees incurred will be deducted from players AnyTC account.
PayPal is the preferred method.

Once a deposit is made to one of the accounts below, chips will be added to your account on equal to the amount of the deposit. This might take a few minute as I am doing everything manually.

Deposit what you might need to avoid having to add chips to accounts more than once a day. Make tournament deposits early enough to allow time to make the changes in your account, day before is preferred.

I will do payout transfers through PayPal or Venmo once a day in the mornings (6am-9am ish). Please send me an email before midnight at to request a payout for the next morning and be sure to include your screen name and PayPal account info. Again, doing manual so might take a few minutes to complete.

Site will be converting to PayPal only for all withdraws and any deposits for $500 and over in a few weeks, so be sure your PayPal account is correct in your account screen.

Deposit money by PayPal to - (all deposits $500 and more) or Venmo (all deposits $499 and less) to Bryan-Johnson-63. $500.00 is max deposit for new players and your current account balance is always max withdrawal.
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